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P.B.I.S stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies. Here at MPE we strive to abide by our 4 expectations or being respectful, responsible, safe, and kind! Below you can see the different ways our students follow the expectations around campus.
Being respectful, responsible, safe, and kind are amazing characteristics to have, that should not just be showcased at school, but in their every day lives.
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What are ways your child can be respectful, responsible, safe, or kind at home?
Here are some examples courtesy of rm 24!
Be Respectful:

*Listen to adult in charge

*Saying excuse me when you want to speak to an adult


Be Responsible:


*Listening to house rules

*Helping with chores

*Helping with siblings


Be Safe:


*Make sure doors are locked

*Using home/kitchen tools and appliances appropriately

*Make sure parents know what you are using before you use it

Be Kind:

*Saying please and thank you

*Helping siblings around the house

*Being considerate