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School Policies

Accident and Emergency Information
In the event of a serious accident or illness at school, parents will be notified. If we are unable to reach you, emergency numbers will be called. When you register your child, you filled out a sheet indicating emergency numbers of two neighbors or relatives who would be responsible for your child if you could not be reached. Please be sure those neighbors or relatives are aware that you have given their numbers as emergency contacts. If at any point during the school year these phone numbers or emergency information should change, please notify the office.
Visitors on Campus
Due to safety concerns, parents/guardians or volunteers are required to check in through the Main Office before entering campus. Classroom volunteers must clear the office with a TB shot prior to volunteering. All visitors to our campus must sign in and wear a visitors badge or name tag. Teachers will be notified prior to visitors being allowed to proceed to the classroom.
Uniform Policy
Students must wear their uniforms daily.
On Wednesdays, students and staff are highly encouraged to wear a college shirt.
Go Monty Bears!
Student Policy
MPE's Number 1 Rule: Keep Your Hands, Feet, and All Objects to Yourself.
Parents please remind your children that our school rule is very important and must be followed at all times.
Baseball caps are not permitted on school campus; however, in the event of hot weather, students will be allowed to wear them outdoors only.
Junk food is not permitted at any time. Please send children with healthy snacks only.
Please follow the dress code at all times described in the parent handbook - shirts with inappropriate logos, pictures, or wording are not allowed. Students will be asked to turn their shirt inside out during the school day.
Parent Handbook 22-23