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Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)

Local Control Funding Formula Big Ideas!

California state law sets out the system for funding public schools. State leaders largely decide how much money is available to schools each year as part of the state budget process.

In 2013, California adopted a new formula for deciding how much money each school district gets, called the Local Control Funding
Formula (LCFF). What does this mean?

More money for high-need students.
Shifts funding decisions from state to school districts.
Local flexibility on how to spend money.
Accountability plans and parent input.
This is a transition year and districts are still recovering from past funding cuts.

Take Action!

As a parent, you have the power to make the change. LCFF requires school districts to involve parents in planning and decision making, and asks the community to work together to ensure our kids graduate and have a better future.
This a huge opportunity for us as parents to shape the vision for our children's education and make it happen. Now is the time to engage!
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